Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gluten Free Snacks

Here are some lovable gluten free snacks for kids! I love that these type of foods are becoming more and more popular now days. There's so many options to choose from!

Pirates Booty is Carter's fave! It's a cross between popcorn and Cheetos. The brown rice crackers are really good with tuna. And the snap pea crisps are a lot healthier than chips! Carter loves them all as snacks for school so I always make sure to pack one of these in his lunch bag. All are from Costco. 

The more expensive snacks! These can be pricey but I splurge here and there for the little man. What kid can live without a little sugar?! Hehe. Most baked products like cookies, cake, and brownies all contain gluten, so I only splurge on these type of snacks that are labeled gluten free from the more 'organic' stores to be sure and completely at ease when Carter eats these. All are from Whole Foods. 

Then there's the normal, every day sort of snacks. You'd never would have guessed huh? But yes! Read the labels good, and you'll find that these are made of real potatoes or corn. Cheetos are Carter's fave!