Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Special Olympics: YAP

This program is the best! It's called the Young Athletes Program and its part of the Special Olympics. YAP is for ages from 2 years to 8 years old. They're not able to participate in the Olympic Games yet, but YAP prepares them for it. We get together once a month, every third Saturday. They do activities that will help the kids focus on following directions like circle time, singing and dancing, coloring, and other sports to get their hearts pumping. Every month, they have themes, such as jumping, batting, or balancing. They set up about 8 different courses for them to practice. 

The entire staff are caring, understanding, and encouraging! You can tell that they have a passion for working with special needs kids. It's a "safe" place where you can let your child be "himself" without judgement from others. I love it! Not only does Carter get the socialization with the other kids but he's working on his motor/gross skills all at once. He loves it and I love seeing him smile and laugh along with the other kids. I would definitely encourage all parents to put their kids in this program!

Wish I took more pictures but Carter was such a handful! :) :) :)

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