Thursday, July 17, 2014

Duh // Rags To Raches

Um, duhhh! I seriously can't stand it. I bought tanks for both of my boys (matching everything, DUH). Fits both of their personalities perfect, and in one word = sassy. These are perfect for warm weather, so we rocked them at the beach the other day. 

I bought these on Instagram from "rags_to_raches". Not sure if she has a website now. But she offers so many colors, it's so awesome. I bought the orange, blue, and maroon. The moment I saw these colors, it screamed summer, so I had to have them. 

Carter's hat - Gap
Carter's shirt - Rags to Raches
Carter's swim shorts - Quiksilver
Cruz's crown - Monday Goodies
Cruz's shirt - Rags to Raches
Cruz's bummies - Little edge apparel

Coolest Socks // Pride Socks

Socks are always a fun accessory... Especially these!! Who knew that knee high socks would be so darn cute on my little man. So colorful and hard to miss. We had fun time finding clothes to match these socks with. We'll definitely be using these a lot through the summer and into the winter. 

Shirt - h&m
Socks - Pride Socks
Shoes - Converse

Friday, July 11, 2014

BFFs // Indie Nook

Okay, this might make you cry because it is so darn cute. But how adorable are these tees from Indie Nook?! "Best Friends" is normally something you'd see girls in, but who said boys couldn't rock this too?! And let's face it, these two are connected by the hip. 

These are printed on American apparel shirts, so they are on the smaller side but so soft and comfy. 

The Indie Nook brand has very cute, unique tees for kids and adults. I wanna say they're most known for the bff tees. But if you check out their website, they have super cool, fun graphic tees for the littles. 

The shipping took about 4 weeks. But as for many of these smaller shops, you have to understand that most of these ig shops are a one-man show. Working mom-preneurs!! 

Here is how I styled my littles:

BFF Shirts - Indie Nook
Carter's camo shorts - Old navy
Cruz's camo bummies - My Little Adi
Carter's snapback - Tiny Whales
Cruz's moccs - Freshly Picked

New Blog Ideas // 4th Of July

Oh boy, it's been a while....

I really want to make the effort of blogging more about kids fashion and my thoughts of certain brands, small shops, and how I would style my littles in them. Hopefully I make the time to follow through. I have a busy, busy world with two babies! (You feel me, working mamas!) 

I want to start off with our 4th of July. I dressed my babies in matching clothes for our trip to the zoo. You should've seen my hubby's eyes roll so far back when he saw them in their outfits. Haha! 

Both shirts are from old navy/gap. So comfy and cool.. And most importantly, so patriotic! Hello, how cute right?! You don't know how long I waited to put them in these. Carter's hat is from Tiny Whales. 

Take 2! We needed Popsicles to cool us down from the heat. And why not stick with the red, white, and blue! 

Cruz's shirt - old navy
Carter's shirt - old navy
Sunnies - FJs Popshop
Carter's hat - Jamz Streetwear