Thursday, July 17, 2014

Duh // Rags To Raches

Um, duhhh! I seriously can't stand it. I bought tanks for both of my boys (matching everything, DUH). Fits both of their personalities perfect, and in one word = sassy. These are perfect for warm weather, so we rocked them at the beach the other day. 

I bought these on Instagram from "rags_to_raches". Not sure if she has a website now. But she offers so many colors, it's so awesome. I bought the orange, blue, and maroon. The moment I saw these colors, it screamed summer, so I had to have them. 

Carter's hat - Gap
Carter's shirt - Rags to Raches
Carter's swim shorts - Quiksilver
Cruz's crown - Monday Goodies
Cruz's shirt - Rags to Raches
Cruz's bummies - Little edge apparel

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