Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Christmas // Jollygood Apparel

I know, I know... Christmas NOW? Really? We've been so busy, I haven't had time to blog in what seems forever. But finally putting in some time to post. Kids are finally asleep and now some "me" time!

My husband and I took the kids to visit my sis-in-law in Provo, Utah this past December. It was amazing! It snowed only on Christmas Day and believe me when I say the snow there is like powder, literally. The kids loved every part of it, except for the million layers of clothes this paranoid momma made them wear. 

The city is clean, the people are friendly, and the food was good. (Please don't ask how many times we went to in-n-out for burgers- embarrassing!) 

Carter's hat - Old Navy
Carter's glasses - Jollygood apparel
Carter's shirt - Old Navy

Cruz's shirt - Jollygood Apparel
Cruz's pants - Old Navy

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