Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday

I debated for weeks on what I wanted to do for Carter's 5th birthday. It's a HUGE milestone! I finally settled on taking him to  Wet n Wild (water park) with just us, then Chuck E Cheese with the whole family and friends. 

Since we've never been to the water park, Carter had a blast! We stayed all day in the kiddie section that had small water slides and water falls. He loves the water so he just jumped right in... No fear, I swear! Wish I took more pics!

His actual birthday landed on a school day, so I made 'dirt cups' for his class. Because Carter is on the gluten-free diet, the pudding was perfect for the kids. They all 'sang' happy birthday to him in ASL... It was the cutest thing ever! 

Later that evening, we met with friends and family at Chuck E Cheese. Everyone had a great time mingling while eating pizza (which btw, is the best pizza ever!). And it was a total bonus that they serve gluten-free pizza now! And Carter and his friends of course couldn't get enough of the games. He hated the show though. He just wanted the cupcakes! Haha. 

The birthday boy!
Make a wish!
The goodie bags
About to open presents!
So much fun!
And so many to open
Happy, happy boy!

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